Privacy Policy

We take personal information about users/visitors/donors when a request is entered, or there is sign up to our information sheet, or interest registered as a potential volunteer or donor. The data thus gathered consist of the concerned person's/organization's name, address, e-mail, phone numbers, and any other pertinent details. This personal information is not to be and is not distributed, shared, rented or given to companies or organizations that are not part of CITTA India.

There will be regular updates of our donors by post and by email. If in the donor's opinion such contacts are too frequent, information shall be immediately provided to you for limiting such; and in case the donor prefers, his/her name will be removed from the e-mailing list completely.

A copy of the personal info with CITTA India, maybe requested at any time by emailing If any personal information changes or that our records are not up-to-date, information shall be provided as well.

Every effort will be done to ensure personal information is held safely, as per the relevant laws of the land.