Board of Directors

HH Maharani
Raseshwari Rajya Laxmi

HH Maharani Raseshwari Rajya Laxmi is the Erstwhile Queen of Jaisalmer, nestled in the state of Rajasthan, India.

She is the wife of the Late HH Maharawal Brijraj Singh, Maharawal of Jaisalmer. She has two sons: Yuvraj Chaitanya Raj Singh, born 24th December 1993, and Maharajkumar Janmejaya Raj Singh, born 19th December 2000. She belongs to the Royal Bhati Family whose lineage goes back to Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu and also a supreme God in his own right.

She speaks for women’s empowerment, and how it can be achieved through education, she has also maintained a strong stand against female infanticide and child marriage. Her initiatives include starting the CITTA Education Foundation India to open a school catering exclusively to girls, and a centre for women’s empowerment.

Chaitanya Raj Singh Bhati

Chaitanya Raj Singh Bhati, King (Maharawal) of the Erstwhile Kingdom of Jaisalmer, is involved in various sustainable development projects in agriculture, education, heritage conservation and restoration, and water conservation.

Mr. Chaitanya Raj Singh finished his formal education at Sanskriti School, New Delhi, and has been a student of politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His time at SOAS has made him aware of the global challenges faced today so that we, the youth, can shape our future.

Along with being one of the main stakeholders in setting up the GYAAN Center in Jaisalmer with CITTA India, he was involved in promoting and creating awareness about Industrial Hemp as a product from a policy and consumer perspective in India. He is the founder of Polstrat, which provides a political advisory system led by data and technology to make politics accessible, remove barriers, and empower one to take control. By striving to democratize the playing field it tackles inequality in the political landscape.

Dimple Agarwal

Dimple was born and educated in India. She is from Jaipur and belongs to a traditional Marwari family. She is a management consultant with 27 years of experience specializing in Human Capital. She works with global consumer business clients focusing on the future of work, culture change, leadership, change management, capability building, diversity and inclusion, and operating models. She started her career in India with Arthur Andersen and moved to London 17 years ago to work with Deloitte. She is passionate about the positive role organizations play in society.


Alakananda is a natural leader. While a lawyer by profession, she has vast experience in kickstarting community campaigns and initiatives encouraging youth to address societal challenges and engage in positive change. Alakananda has represented India at several International Youth Engagement programs and sees immense potential to drive change by channeling the creativity and energy of the youth.

With a keen belief in the power of arts, education, and volunteer work, Alakananda is committed to working with CITTA India to support Indian art programs and art education at the foundation.

Rituparn Dixit

Rituparn brings his collective experience working as a management consultant and business leader to CITTA India to help with strategy and operations. In a career spanning over two decades, he has consulted for leading companies like Apple, Microsoft, Meta, VISA, BT, and JP Morgan. He has a global perspective having worked in India, UK, and USA. Rituparn was born and raised in the lake city of Rajasthan, Udaipur, he has great regard and understanding of the cultural history and values of the princely state of Rajasthan, and an understanding of the challenges in the space of education, equality, and economic upbringing that the communities face today. Rituparn has an MBA from Symbiosis Institute, Pune, and has studied at Stanford Global School of Business. He lives with his family in the Bay Area, California.