Schoolgirl Doll

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(Patan, Nepal)

Nepal’s Women’s Economic Development Center has become very skilled in the local traditions of crochet and knitting. The women are accustomed to making sweaters, scarves, and caps for their family members to keep them warm throughout the cold Himalayan winters. We help these women in need to cultivate those skills and provide them with work that will bring income to feed and educate their families.

(Jaisalmer, India)

The doll’s dress is a hand-made replica of CITTA India’s Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls’ School uniform by Indian Designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, at the award-winning school building designed by Diana Kellogg Architects in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The textile is called Ajrak; a traditional textile of the region. This cloth is hand-block-printed with natural dyes (indigo and madder root) using techniques that predate modern history.